Event spaces

Radalla Clubhouse

The Clubhouse is a versatile space with a high ceiling and lake views

The Clubhouse has a magnificent lakeview and can host up to 100 guests. The spacious main hall with a high ceiling is suitable for hosting a variety of events all year round – business meetings, celebrations, concerts, educational trainings, lectures, workshops, exhibitions, or programmed dinners.

The main space can be divided into three separate rooms with sliding dividers to host 10 to 20 guests each.
The Clubhouse is located on the ground floor and is accessible via ramp.


  • Size: 115 m2
  • Table setting and seating can be adjusted per customer needs: class format, diplomat, U shape, L shape, banquet
  • Screen and a beamer
  • Flipchart
  • Clickshare wireless presentation system
  • Reading desk
  • Audio playback: separate speakers
  • Air conditioning
  • The space is fully licensed
  • Bathrooms with handicap facilities

Restaurant Balladi

Lakeside venue with historic atmosphere – perfect for your special celebration

Restaurant Balladi opened in the summer 2021 in the manor house and can host a variety of events for up to 100 guests – celebrations, business conferences or big group gatherings.


  • Built in audio playback system
  • The venue is fully licensed
  • Capacity to seat 100 guests inside the main restaurant and additional 100 outside on the terrace

Cellar Cabinet

In the manor house is located the cellar cabinet that can host meetings or gatherings for 10 to 30 guests depending on the space setup.

We can organize e.g., cocktail event for 30 people, sit-down dining with buffet for 10-20 people or a business meeting for 10-20 people.

The venue space is fully licensed.



Radalla Resort has 3 sauna locations for different needs – a modern newly renovated cellar sauna in the manor house, and by the lake there is a sauna hut with adjacent barbeque hut, and a traditional log cabin sauna.

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