Terms and conditions

RADALLA RESORT – General Booking Terms for Accommodations               

Updated 11/2022

The following terms and conditions apply to all reservations made directly to Radalla Resort (Monelle Oy, business ID 1511532-9) by an individual, private person unless different terms and conditions have been agreed in writing. Separate conditions apply for groups, including reservations for over 10 people or reservations including 5 or more rooms. Radalla Resort reserves the right to change the prices or terms & conditions.

When reserving a room: name, address, contact details, arrival- and departure dates and method of payment of the customer are required. The reservation is binding, once it has been confirmed verbally or in writing, and the customer has received the booking confirmation. When confirming the booking, the customer agrees to the current terms and conditions. The customer is obliged to check the information in the booking confirmation. The Resort is entitled to apply different terms and conditions to all reservations, such as prepayments, reservation fees or credit card guarantee.
Only a person over the age of 18 is allowed to make a reservation.
For compelling reasons, the Resort has the right to transfer the booking to another place of accommodation of at least the same standard, after negotiating the situation with the customer.

Check-in starts at 3.00 p.m. on the day of arrival and the customer must check-out on the departure day by 12:00 a.m.. The Resort may apply exceptions to check-in and check-out times. The room will be reserved until 6:00 p.m. on the day of the arrival, unless no other agreement has been made at the time of reserving the room, or if the confirmed rate of the reservation period does not include any other special terms or conditions. If arrival time is later than 6:00p.m., the customer is obliged to inform the reception about their estimated time of arrival. Kindly note, that the reception is closed during night time.

Cancellation must take place on the day of arrival by 6 p.m. at the latest, unless otherwise agreed when making the reservation or unless other terms and conditions apply for the select price or time of reservation.
The Resort is entitled to charge the price of the first day of accommodation with taxes, as well as any additional services related to the reservation, as compensation if the customer does not arrive as agreed. If the reservation is transferred there might be some additional costs. The right to cancel the reservation is tied to the terms and conditions at the time of the booking. Possible cancellations made during the booked stay do not entitle the customer to a refund. The reservation must be cancelled or modified through the channel of which the booking has been originally made. If the booking has been made directly with Radalla Resort’s customer service or webshop, the customer must contact Radalla Resort’s customer service directly at: info@radallaresort.fi / Tel. +358 44 066 7053

Early departure before the agreed day must be informed to the hotel latest by 6:00pm on the day before. If the reservation is for several nights the hotel is entitled to charge the full amount for the whole stay. Early departure before the agreed day may also cause changes in the room rate confirmed.

Radalla Resort reserves the right to cancel the reservation in case of circumstances beyond its control that are classified as Force Majeure situations or any circumstances beyond its reasonable control, preventing the rendering of the purchased services. Such Force Majeure situations include, but are not limited to: pandemic, flood, earthquake, extreme weather conditions, war or acts of terrorism. In these cases, the customer has the right for a full refund of any paid services.

Radalla Resort recommends the customers to take out the appropriate travel insurance cover against any possible situations and cases of Force Majeure. The Resort is not obliged to accept cancellations based on a doctor’s certificate or other similar documentation.

Radalla Resort accepts all the most common credit and debit cards. However, the Resort has no obligation to accept any foreign currency, vouchers, cheques or payments cards, unless the Resort has offered to do so. Unless the reservation was paid for in advance, the customer must pay for the room with cash or a credit card when arriving at the hotel, or when leaving at the latest. In case the customer wants to be charged with an invoice, an agreement between the guest and Radalla Resort must be made in advance.


Group terms and conditions are applied for reservations for groups of more than 10 people or for reservations including 5 or more rooms. These terms and conditions apply when the customer has confirmed the offer and received a booking confirmation.
All prices are in euros and VAT inclusive.
The reservation is valid for the number of participants informed by the customer. If the number of participants is essentially changed, the Resort has the right to address a new meeting room for the event, and renegotiate the event’s details and prices.
Following details need to be provided one week (7 days) prior to the event:
• Number of participants and name list of the accommodating guests
• Timetable including lunch and/or coffee break times
• Dietary requirements/allergies
• Seating arrangements in meeting room
• Billing address and ref (if billing contract is made)

Terms for groups of 10-25 persons: Cancellation free of charge up to 14 days before the start date of the booking
Terms for groups of 26-60 persons: Cancellation free of charge up to 30 days before the start date of the booking
Terms for groups of more than 60 persons: Cancellation free of charge up to 60 days before the start date of the booking

A booking fee in the form of a deposit payment can be added to group reservations. The fee is non-refundable in case of cancellation. Cancellation done 10 days or less prior arrival will be charged fully (100%) if not agreed otherwise.Radalla Resort has the right to full compensation on services that cannot be cancelled. This means for example services ordered from a subcontractor.

The method of payment for services ordered for a group must be agreed in advance at the time of confirmation. A group reservation is billed on one invoice. Billing will be done according to the confirmation or the actual number of participants in case the total amount payable is greater than anticipated. Available methods of payment are invoicing in advance and credit card. If the customer has a valid billing contract, the hotel can send the invoice (to the domestic companies with Finnish business id) after the event (minimum billing is 120€ including the billing fee is 10€). Foreign companies, associations and private persons will be invoiced in advance.
For billing purposes the billing information must be given by the customer in advance.
Please note that the resort is entitled to ask for a full or partial pre-payment.


Good manners and hotel regulations are expected to be followed at Radalla Resort’s premises at all times. In case the rules are violated, the person may be removed from the premises immediately. The accommodation and the price of any ordered additional services must still be paid, and the refund of a payment already made cannot be demanded. For safety reasons, only the staff of Radalla Resort and checked-in guests are allowed to enter the hotel room (or other reserved premises). The maximum capacity per room may not be surpassed.

Radalla Resort is not responsible for the customer’s belongings left in the room or public spaces at the Resort area. The Resort is not responsible for any vehicles parked in the hotel parking lot or damage to or loss of any belongings left inside the vehicle.
Any notifications or complaints on the equipment or state of the hotel rooms must be done on the day of arrival or as soon as possible, thus giving the hotel the possibility to rectify any mistakes. The Resort is not responsible for refunding the customer for any complaints filed afterwards.

The customer is liable for any damage that they, their guest or their pet intentionally or negligently cause (e.g. by smoking in the room) to the hotel room or other hotel premises, hotel furniture or other equipment, or to other customers or their property.
Liability for damage is determined in accordance with general damage liability principles.

We will keep the items found on the Resort’s premises free of charge from the date of discovery for a month.
You can inquire for lost and found items at the reception: info@radallaresort.fi / tel. +358 44 066 7053. If your item is found, you can either pick up the found items within a month, or we can mail them for the required shipment costs.

The keys required to enter the room(s) must not be handed over to persons other than those indicated in the reservation.
If the key is lost, the customer is charged for actual expenses of changing the locks. If the key is left inside the accommodation, please be advised that there might be a fee for door opening during night time.

Smoking and open flames (including burning candles, incense and the like) in the rooms and other areas of the Resort are strictly prohibited and may cause an automatic fire alarm. Any person who violates the prohibition will be responsible for all alarm, maintenance and cleaning costs incurred as a result. Smoking is only allowed in separate smoking areas designated by Radalla Resort.

Pets are most welcome to our pet friendly hotel rooms and lakeside suites, as well as to the manor terrace. Pets are not allowed inside the manor building, including the restaurant and manor rooms.
Pet friendly rooms are available upon request for an additional fee of 20€ per day (maximum of 3 pets). Due to the limited number of pet friendly rooms at Radalla Resort the customers are encouraged to book these in advance.
The customer is responsible for the wellbeing of the pet, as well as for any damage caused by the pet in the hotel room or the resort premises (see above – customer’s liability for damage).

Only a person over the age of 18 is allowed to make a reservation. The adult making a reservation for a person under the age of 18 will be held responsible for the minor, whether he or she accommodates with the minor or not. An underage person travelling alone will need a letter of consent signed by a guardian. The letter has to include the minor’s name, birthday and dates of arrival and departure. The name and contact information of a guardian are also required.