Our story


The premises of Radalla Resort are cultural historically valuable, as the origins go back to 1850s. The main building, originally known as ‘Mantala’, was finished in 1856.

The manor house was built by lieutenant colonel Emil von Bredov, who was born in Dresden, Germany and served in Suomenlinna, Helsinki in the army of Grand Duchy of Finland, to spend his retirement.

After Bredov, the manor house was under multiple different ownerships, until in 1925 the manor house and the land was bought by the Finnish trade assistant union, now known as PAM – Service Union United. Under the administration of PAM, the site was named as Radansuu holiday homes, and they built Jukola in 1928, the log cabin sauna in 1970s and the Clubhouse and hotel in 1980s.

In the early 2000s PAM sold the site which after the manor house saw various attempts to revive the business.

New era

The manor house was given a new lease on life, when in 2019 an experienced builder and entrepreneur from Kouvola, Veli Hyyryläinen bought the manor house and the land to develop. Hyyryläinen envisioned to revive this unique place back to its former glory so that as many people as possible could enjoy the excellent views from Kiikarmäki – and this is how Radalla Resort was born.

The name ‘Radalla’ literally means ‘on the track’ in Finnish, which combines the history of the place itself as well as history of the current owner as a builder of rail roads.

Mantala 1960-luvulla

Under the ownership of Hyyryläinen and his family, the place has changed a lot in a short amount of time. The buildings as well as the surroundings have gone under extensive restorations to bring this historical place with an amazing lakeview back alive again.

Our values

Veli ja Sanna Hyyryläinen
The owners Veli and Sanna Hyyryläinen warmly welcome the guests to Radalla Resort!